Research Information

There are many different ways to look up genealogy for yourself these days. If you are very interested but don’t wish to do all the leg work you can hire a genealogist to research the roots of your family for you. A little less dramatic than that is the ability to subscribe to genealogy sites that have not been sprouting up on the Internet. Some work like elaborate social network asking their own users to create the family trees and fill in the blanks whereas some utilize researchers to dig up documentation of the background of a history of a person and their family name. The more common a name, such as St Vincent the more you are likely to find tied to you that you did not even know about.

Genealogy is not a new thing but with the use of the Internet it has really taken off and with more and more documents being searchable and able to be find and viewed online it has started to become more of a hobbyist pursuit to find out about ones background. What once required going to offices of documents to pour over 100s if not 1000s of files to get the smallest strain of information to find ones family background is now a trivial task. This is all thanks to technology which has constantly made life easier in all sorts of unexpected ways, from medicine to simply researching ones own background.

Without this technology and move to digitization none of this genealogical research would be as readily available as it is today. Technology is what has made every part of our lives easier. We are now able to simply Google ourselves and find out so much information about ourselves based on how much information we put out there. Imagine someday in the future when our ancestors go to do a family tree on us how much information that will find with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all serving as easy ways to create a family picture of ancestors. Such technology was not readily available even 15 years ago. The best comparison would be home movies but even those provided only a pale amount of information compared to what would be available on a personal level about current people who use these social media outlets.

As technology progress the ability to find out about ones own family history has advanced as well. Right now it is as simple as using some search engine of a record keeping website to find out a list of people you are directly related to and now a simple Googling of yourself can reveal so much information that might someday be researched by your future ancestors. Truly genealogical research has greatly been aided by technology today and the future is incredibly bright and even more promising when it comes to research. The ability to so easily find ones background is so easy compared to just a decade ago when it was a painstaking and time consuming task.